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Digital Fuel: Web-Based Insight into Data Center Efficiency

As IT systems get more and more intricately interconnected and virtualized (check out Cisco Systems' new UCS, a peek into the future), the need for trusted software to keep control and make sense of it all also gets elevated in importance.

Some vendors specialize in storage capacity planning (Aptare and MonoSphere are two examples). Some handle e-discovery (Clearwell, NextPoint, MetaLincs, among others). CA and BMC are very good at a wide range of system controls. All the major systems vendors offer generalized IT system management software, most of which can be customized.

With the continuing troubled world economy and the trend toward green IT becoming larger all the time, IT cost management becomes something C-levels are seriously talking about. Good cost management software can save an enterprise a lot of money each budget year.

Along those lines, Digital Fuel is an interesting one to check out. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company just released its new ServiceFlow 6 IT Cost Management software product, which gives IT managers great visibility into their data centers.

ServiceFlow IT Cost Management is able to track and report on all levels of cost detail—including power usage—and provide the visibility needed to drive better alignment, collaboration and cost reduction throughout the organization.

However, what is most handy is that the application is available in a subscription-based, on-demand form that eliminates the need to invest in hardware, software and IT resources. Give them the credit card and let them hook you up. This is ideal for startup companies with budget restraints.

Accountants will love this app. In addition to the centralized day-to-day system monitoring, it also does cost modeling and allocation, cost reduction analysis, and billing and chargeback.

This could be very worthwhile for you and your company. Check out the details here.

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