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Have you ever heard Jon Toigo, founder of the Green Data Project and author of blog, speak? Now there's an analyst/consultant who's not afraid to express himself.

The Station caught his act this morning at the Storage Decisions conference here at the San Francisco Hilton, the first time the East-Coast-based show has been held here in The City. Toigo's topic: "Getting to the Real Green in IT."

Some Toigo-isms:

--On the key to "greening up" data on a desktop, laptop, server or anything else: "The greenest key on your keyboard? 'Delete.' Get rid of anything you don't really need. That is step one."

--On what he calls storage's "Doritos Effect": "The storage industry's message is simple: 'Crunch all you want; we'll make more. Don't worry about saving all your data; storage is cheap, you can afford it, and keep buying it.' "

--On storage deduplication, thin provisioning, virtualization and compression: "I reject them all as being strictly tractical solutions. They merely slow down the inevitable growth of data in storage, they don't make IT or data centers any greener."

There's more. Look for The Station's full report in eWEEK soon.

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