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Druva Cures Headache of Backing Up Far-Flung Portable PCs

Backing up often far-flung laptops is a headache most IT managers would prefer not to endure.

Druva, a 3-year-old Mountain View, Calif.-based company that specializes in this, feels the pain and has a remedy for it.

The company on Feb. 10 announced its Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise, a first-of-its-kind application that automates backups of portable computers of all kinds, and it does this fast.

The Druva application needs only one click to restore any file or backup volume, company co-founder and CEO Jaspreet Singh told The Station.

Druva, in case you were wondering, means "North Star" in Sanskrit. "We've called it that because, like the North Star, your data always needs to be there for you," Singh said.

The company also guarantees 100 percent accuracy in deduplication for backups and restores, Singh said.

"Seventy-three percent of users cite 'intrusive backups' as a major obstacle to their productivity," Singh, a former Veritas executive, said. "It's just a pain to have to do this manually, especially on a regular basis. Druva simply automates this chore, and you never have to think about it."

With Druva inSync, laptop upgrades to install the inSync client software are "pushed" to users, and no user involvement or IT support is required. It's all automatic. On the IT side, server setup requires about 20 minutes or less, Singh said.

"Backups happen strictly in the background, require no user intervention and have no effect on laptop performance," Singh said. With its patented application-aware deduplication, inSync can reduce backup-file sizes by 90 percent, he said.

That's significant.

Finally, Druva's application eliminates the loss of "unrecoverable" files and restores any or all selected archived files with a single mouse click--not only on laptops, but on PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones, Singh said.

Sound too good to be true? Can one application really automate all this drudgery and not sap a lot of performance out of a PC? Singh is banking on it.

Druva already has about 600 satisfied corporate customers in 26 countries, Singh said.

Check it out for yourself.

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