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EMC Blogger Pulls Off a Good One

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Oh, that Chuck Hollis, Vice President of Technology Alliances over at EMC, is a trickster, he is. In his most recent blog item, he spells out a bunch of "potential" upcoming EMC announcements which talk about a new "zero-capacity" storage angle that caught my eye. And we're sure that The Station wasn't the only one caught off-guard.

"Potential" turns out to be the key word that'll save Chuck from a lot of grief. If only The Station had looked closer at the date (April 1) of his column.

Yep. All for fun, it was. The column which looked so newsy on the surface was nothing but bunk. Lots of laughs, undoubtedly, are still reverberating in EMC locations around the world.

"Don't feel bad," Hollis emailed me. "Quite a few very bright people fell for these ["ideas"], all of which are either impractical or impossible. I gotta be more careful in the future!"

The Station may be bright in some areas and dim in others, but we still fell for the gag.

"And if you read a post from my co-worker Barry Burke describing how we're now using quantum entanglement to eliminate the speed of light problem with remote replication, that too was a useful prank that more than a few fell for," Hollis said.

In Chuck's defense, he did end his piece with this throwaway line: "Happy April 1, everyone!" So now we're just waiting for the red to flow out of our faces.

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