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Geek Squad's Cure for the 'Sex in the City' Blues

The Station gets letters--well, e-mails--all day long. Every few minutes, in fact. Some good, some not. All are read, eventually.

Here's one a bit off the beaten path of storage, but saucy on its own. Chris Kooluris of Ketchum PR, on behalf of Geek Squad, writes:

"Not even the Geneva Convention can save us from the torture about to hit screens tomorrow. Sure 'Sex and the City' will be adored by fanatic females who sip cosmos, adorn Manolos and look for their Mr. Big to get them out of credit card debt, but what about the unfortunate men that get dragged to this film? Don't worry; Geek Squad has their back.

"Geek Squad is heading to movie theaters in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles with quarters--lots of quarters. The mission is simple: Agents will be on site handing out packets with quarters for arcade games. But that's not all. The packet will also contain a list of highly-accurate, 'Sex and the City'-themed excuses to help the unfortunate male break free from his unfortunate babe-flick bondage.

"We even sent some agents on the 'Sex and the City' tour in NYC to become experts on the show. This helped them come up with accurate excuses. Check out the tour here.

"Actual pictures of the life-saving packet can be found here.

"May we all make it through this weekend of torture in one piece (may I suggest 'Ironman' to start with a little 'Indy' on the side)."

Good luck, gentlemen, this weekend. You will need it. (Come to think of it, The Station will also need some of that luck.)

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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