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Hitachi Guarantees 50 Percent Storage Capacity Reduction

Some companies have sales. Others let you pay next year at low interest or offer a money-back guarantee. All kinds of sales incentives are out there making business work.

Hitachi Data Systems, in a bold step to separate itself from competitors such as EMC, NetApp, HP and IBM, on Jan. 28 announced one of its own: It will now guarantee its customers a full 50 percent reduction in their storage capacity if they use the company's virtualization software.

There are qualifiers for the company's Storage Capacity Reclamation Guarantee program. The 50 percent guarantee is for the raw storage capacity for migrating from third-party RAID-1 source environments to dynamically provisioned [by Hitachi, of course] RAID-5 target environments. For any third-party RAID-5 environment, Hitachi Data Systems will guarantee a 20 percent storage capacity reduction.

If the guaranteed storage capacity reduction is not reached, Hitachi will rebate the commensurate amount of money to the customer for the difference between the storage reduction guaranteed and the storage used.

Hitachi is pretty confident about this and is basing the offer on its Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, which helps customers reclaim storage that is "stranded" due to traditional thick provisioning processes. Hitachi Data Systems has helped customers realize more than 65 percent reduction -- on an average -- in storage capacity by applying best practices in cost savings.

Reducing storage capacity lowers customers' operational costs through simpler storage management, more efficient use of resources and space, reduced power and cooling costs and avoided purchase of unnecessary frames and drives.

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