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Isilon Spiffs Up Its OS, Adds New Management Tools

Network-attached storage maker Isilon, which made its niche supplying large-scale, linear-oriented, clustered systems -- mostly for huge workloads created by media companies and scientific labs -- has upgraded its operating system and added two new data management software applications to its product line.

The new apps are SmartPools and InsightIQ, which fit snugly into Isilon's OneFS 6.0 OS.

SmartPools creates a single file system and single console for management for all storage tiers. It automatically aligns application needs with system capacity and processing speed, so that no energy is wasted. Using SmartPools, users can consolidate several applications onto a single storage pool, which then eliminates the need for manual data migration between multiple systems. That can save a lot of deployment headaches.

InsightIQ provides a new analytics platform that identifies/eliminates performance bottlenecks while minimizing storage requirements. InsightIQ creates reports on a company's data usage trends so admins can improve resource utilization.

"Scale-out storage is changing the face of enterprise IT by displacing large, costly enterprise storage equipment with [more] flexible solutions," ESG senior analyst Terri McClure said. "With its sixth-generation operating system and new data management applications, Isilon continues to be a leader in the enterprise shift to scale-out."

Version 6.0 of the operating system, SmartPools, and InsightIQ will be available beginning July 30, Isilon told eWEEK. OneFS 6.0 will be available as an upgrade for existing customers and will be standard with all new Isilon system purchases.

SmartPools is listed at $3,950 to $9,950 per node, depending on node model. InsightIQ is listed at $1,950 to $3,850 per node.

Chris Preimesberger

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