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Nerds on Site Use iPads to Admin KineticD Cloud Storage

We at The Station enjoy discovering good and creative company names. It's perfectly OK, of course, to have your company named for what it does; International Business Machines, for example, certainly tells it like it is, and there's no mistaking what that famous company does. (Then again, it technically doesn't "make" business machines any more, but ... well, you hopefully get the idea.)

The reason for all of this is that we came across a company called Nerds on Site, which is an IT services integration company that provides what it calls "cost-effective, leading-edge solutions to SMBs." We're assuming that Nerds on Site, like IBM, is a direct description of the company, and if so, it seems to us that a certain amount of humor is characteristic within the founders of the company. So congratulations here seems deserved.

The news angle here is not necessarily the name of the company but is nonetheless important in storage world news. Nerds On Site, a growing international consultancy, is one of the first enterprises to integrate Toronto-based KineticD's ROBOBAK hybrid cloud storage into their DR package.

Nerds On Site is using the merger of KineticD and ROBOBAK to accelerate workload backups in the cloud and offer data recovery packages for servers, networks and server-side applications across globally distributed networks.

But what's really cool is that all this functionality is being accessed with iPhones and iPads.

KineticD, formerly called Data Deposit Box, is a next-generation cloud storage, recovery and access service designed for small and midsize businesses. Users of its KineticSecure and KineticExtend cloud-based services use an iPhone and iPad app to access data files and applications securely from any location. It's winning plaudits as being among the easiest and most secure cloud storage services available.

And now Nerds on Site is providing a real-life use case in its IT consulting work.

KineticD said its "cloud-based services are specifically designed for SMBs that want to activate their digital assets and more efficiently share and collaborate through improved access to information."

Specifically, the KineticD cloud-based service is available immediately for a monthly fee of $2 per gigabyte and allows for unlimited users and computers," and a free trial is being offered through KineticD's site.

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