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New HP CEO Has Storage Top of Mind in Introductory Speech

Sudden thought during Hewlett-Packard's Summit event March 14 to announce new market strategy and introduce new CEO Leo Apotheker: The very first IT-specific feature he mentioned during his introductory presentation was data deduplication.

Should we read anything into that?

Apotheker (his name is pronounced "LAY-oh appo-TECKER") began by talking about seamless connectivity, "everybody on," and data being available anywhere. He could have referenced "servers," "network," "cloud" or any of a thousand other IT terms right off the top. But he referred to a storage term first.

The quote, within the first four minutes of his address, started in this manner: "In our labs, data deduplication, memristor and sensor technologies are being reinvented ..."

Then, strangely enough, Apotheker didn't mention anything more about storage the rest of the presentation -- even in the Q&A session that followed. There was nothing about StorageWorks, 3PAR, cloud storage ... none of it. Perhaps somebody should have asked him about where on his priority list is the HP storage division.

The Station would have, except that I had to ask first about the apparent conflict of interest in operating systems: the soon-to-be ubiquitous webOS versus the old standby, Windows.

Then, once a question is asked during a crowded press conference, it's virtually impossible to ask another.

So that's what we'll ask Mr. (Don't call me Doctor) Apotheker when we get to sit down one-on-one with him at some point.

Oh, about the "doctor" thing. When I questioned him at the press conference, I addressed him as "Doctor" Apotheker.

"Thanks for the promotion, but I'm not a Ph.D," he corrected me with a smile.

So I guess next time I'll be sure not to ask him: "What's up, Doc?"

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