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Overland Offers 2-for-1 Storage Capacity for SnapServers

Retail has its Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why can't data storage have a holiday sale as well? No reason it can't.

In the spirit of the season, San Diego, Calf.-based Overland Storage Nov. 23 announced that is doing a sort of "2 for 1" special: When you buy one of their SnapServer N2000 [$5K for starter configuration] units with the basic 4TB of storage, Overland will throw in an immediate upgrade to an 8TB SnapServer for no extra charge.

The beauty of the SnapServer N2000 is that it is a relatively inexpensive, unified storage architecture that enables simultaneous storage and access to both block and file data across Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS platforms as well as virtual servers, databases, email, and backup applications. In addition, it has the ability to mix SAS drives and SATA drives within the same system enables users to customize the performance and capacity of every volume created.

Can't say that with most other storage systems.

The feature set of the customizable SnapServer N2000 includes: Quad-core Intel processor; up to 6-gigabit Ethernet ports; scalability to 144TB; full Windows integration; fully compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, the entire set of 30 Windows permission attributes, and VSS/VDS for iSCSI volumes; RAID [0, 1, 5, 6, 10], snapshots, replication, iSCSI, and Instant Capacity Expansion; and the ability to store block and file data as well as to mix high-performance SAS and SATA drives.

Naturally, there's a deadline. You must place your order before Dec. 23. No exceptions, we're told.

Oh, by the way, Overland also does tape storage, and it is also throwing in a lot [1.2PB, to be exact -- that's correct, petabytes] of extra capacity for new purchasers of its 3PB NEO 8000e systems. The NEO 8000e costs about $48,000; this sale represents a sticker value of about $36K. It also ends Dec. 23, 2010.

Note to our U.S. readers (and anybody else celebrating Thanksgiving): Have a great holiday week!

Chris Preimesberger

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