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Seagate Celebrates 35th Anniversary With First 5.25-Inch HDD

The steel-framed USB 3.0 Seagate Seven is a minuscule 7mm from skin to skin, yet it holds a whopping 500GB of content.

It's hard to understand how spinning-disk hard drives can get much skinnier and lighter than the ones coming out this year. Yet the design engineers and device manufacturers keep topping each other with thinner, faster and more capacious storage devices all the time.

The latest—the steel-framed USB 3.0 Seagate Seven—is a minuscule 7mm from skin to skin, yet it holds a whopping 500GB of content.

The Seven, designed specifically for PCs, is thinner than an iPhone 6 Plus, which doesn't have to use mechanicals like physical platters spinning at high rates of speed inside it.

The new 5.25-inch HDD, based on the company's 5-mm Angsana drive and the first of its size on the market, was launched Jan. 5 at CES 2015 in celebration of the 35th anniversary of San Jose, Calif.-based Seagate Technology.

It will become available later this month for $100, the company said.

In CES branding news—because it is important to some people—Seagate is now using something called a "living logo." This is an animated "S" that swirls atop its Web page, document or other location to "showcase data as a living, vibrant thing that powers human invention, culture and advances," the company said. Getty Images is partnering with Seagate in this project.

Go here to see what Seagate is trying to tell you with its new logo.

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