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SecureDrives Boasts World SSD Security Superiority

Pangaea Media, which makes the SecureDrives storage line, isn't bashful about describing its wares. It cuts right to the quick to tout its portable SSDs as "the world's most secure solid-state drives."

Argue that if you will. We suppose some of you might.

The 3-year-old UK-based storage-device maker will be unveiling a set of these new machines March 1-5 at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany.


The company already offers a range of internal and external solid-state SecureDrives that are said to work seamlessly with all operating systems from the minute of switch-on. They feature fast eSATAp and USB3.0 ports and transfer data at speeds of up to 132MB per second, the company said. They also offer a Zero Touch Backup Docking Pod that allows automated fast encrypted (yes, those three adjectives ARE in the same sentence) data transfers between external drives without pressing a single button.

Why are they so secure? SecureDrives SSDs physically destroy the information stored on each chip--either when tampered with, or remotely at the owner's request--rendering the data impossible to recover.

Plus, they have a randomly generated AES 256-bit CBC encryption key, constant GSM monitoring, zero-touch backup capabilities, and a dedicated device-management control service. The company claims this is the only SSD that meets every data-security act in European Union regulations.

SecureDrives Solid State Drives will be available in 64GB and 128GB models in the second quarter of 2011. Pricing hasn't been disclosed yet.

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