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Silver Peak Systems Lands New Patent for WAN Dedupe

Blame it on the world's overall data explosion if you want, but companies that help all those gazillions of data bits move faster through the myriad channels they must navigate are coming to the fore.

Along those lines, wide area network optimization specialist Silver Peak Systems revealed Aug. 24 that it has been issued a U.S. patent for "Ensuring Data Integrity in Network Memory."

Network Memory, the newly trademarked central part of Silver Peak's secret sauce technology, uses real-time deduplication algorithms to improve WAN performance while lowering ongoing operational costs. As blocks of data bits move through the WAN, repeat data blocks are eliminated, and only new blocks are sent through the network, greatly speeding up and optimizing the procedure.

Network Integrity, presumably Silver Peak's next item to be trademarked, corrects packet delivery issues and intelligently allocates WAN resources, thus maximizing WAN bandwidth utilization. Finally, Network Acceleration optimizes WAN latency, Silver Peak says.

Silver Peak's NX appliances scale from megabits per second to gigabits per second of WAN capacity. They are designed to optimize all IP traffic, regardless of transport protocol and application software version.

When data moves faster, networks store information better, work gets done faster, customers like it and boards of directors smile. You can bet that we'll be hearing more about these techniques as time goes on. Check out Silver Peak Systems here.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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