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Spectra Logic Wins Award for T-Finity Tape System

Congratulations to Colorado-based Spectra Logic, which is celebrating 30 years in the data storage business. In the IT world, 30 years is an eon for a company to survive.

The company's T-Finity enterprise tape library was just named Product of the Year in the Professional Media and Entertainment Storage category at the ninth annual Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas.

The Station might have already known what was up last November, when we wrote a preview article about T-Finity. Check it out here.

T-Finity is a serious, heavy-duty professional digital tape archive aimed at television and cable stations. Features that contributed to the award recognition included:

  • Highest density: At 72TB per square foot, T-Finity is the world's highest-density tape library, optimizing use of expensive data center floor space. T-Finity is up to 70 percent higher density than competitive offerings.
  • Most scalable: T-Finity scales up to 180PB in a single library, offering almost 200 percent more capacity in a single library than leading competitors.
  • High availability: Delivers up to 99.99 percent availability through redundant dual robotics, redundant control and communication paths, and multiple redundant components that increase uptime and support high exchange rate workloads.
  • Power efficient: The T-Finity tape library uses 50 percent or less power per unit of data stored than competitive offerings, minimizing power and cooling costs.

The Station congratulates CMO Molly Rector and the entire Spectra Logic team.

Chris Preimesberger

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