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Station on Staycation This Week

We've been getting a lot of phone calls and emails lately, more so than usual for summertime, and methinks the automatic out-of-office email response probably isn't being seen by everyone. So here's why there's Web silence coming from this sector: The Station is on staycation this week in sunny Northern California, where lots of other people from around the world come to vacation.

So we figured we'd just join them, taking some local day trips, doing touristy things and enjoying our part of the world a little more objectively. We never, ever take for granted our wonderful Bay Area and the USA in general.

We've been enjoying watching some of our 68 Bay Area Olympic athletes in action over in Beijing, and they're doing very well -- especially swimmer Natalie Coughlin from the University of California, Tony Azevedo (Stanford University, water polo), Ben Wildman-Tobriner (Stanford, men's swimming), Kerri Walsh (Stanford, beach volleyball), and Grace Upshaw (Cal, women's track & field)

(Wow. That Walsh wears a swimsuit like few others ;-)

We've also been enjoying watching the Stanford football team get ready for the new season over on the campus, a mere 15-minute bike ride away. But, alas: It looks like another four- or five-win season for the Cardinal. They're just not yet in the class of USC, Cal or some of those other big, bad Pac-10 teams.

But there's hope: Perhaps their future quarterback, Nick Montana, will help turn things around. Yes, Nick -- still a high schooler in Los Angeles but committed to coming to The Farm -- is the son of Joe Montana, former Notre Dame and San Francisco 49ers superstar. Maybe he'll have some of that gridiron magic to share with us in the coming autumns.

Hope you are having a grand season, wherever you are on the globe!

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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