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SteelEye Takes Holistic Approach to Business Continuity

SteelEye, a provider of disaster recovery solutions, and its parent company, SIOS Technology, introduced their new "holistic" CloudStation workload managment platform March 4 at the CeBIT 2010 conference in Hannover, Germany.

CloudStation provides application workload management functionality for internal and external cloud systems that features integrated application and data availability.

Many vendors of high-availability data recovery packages approach support of cloud systems as merely an add-on. SteelEye is different in that it takes a holistic approach, believing that HA/DR is a core feature of a much broader market requirement: centralized management of application workloads across internal and external cloud IT deployments.

"Amazon [Web Services] has built an enterprise-class infrastructure as a service," said CEO and President Nobuo Kita of SIOS. "One natural use of services like AWS is to leverage them to protect on-premise mission-critical applications, significantly cutting internal datacenter costs associated with infrastructure investment to implement high availability. This is a natural evolution beyond using the cloud for test and development."

IDC reported last year that enterprises, at least at this early stage, are more likely to use the cloud model for test and development before moving it up to regular production in categories such as collaboration, web, data back-up, customer service, and ERP.

At CeBIT, SteelEye/SIOS demonstrated how it protects SugarCRM from on-premise disruption to a mirror copy of the application and business data in AWS in real-time. SIOS also demonstrated a trading application running on IBM's WebSphere and DB2 infrastructure with a similar business continuity scenario.

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