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SugarSync Adds More Functionality to Cloud Storage

SugarSync, which operates a popular file sync, backup and file-sharing service, made some news this week.

In case you haven't heard of it, SugarSync synchronizes files and folders between any combination of Macs, Windows PCs, iOS and Android smartphones, and iPads -- with all files backed up to the SugarSync cloud.

All data is then instantly available from the SugarSync iPad application from any device, with no tethering or cables required. Magic!

Now for the news: SugarSync launched a new app March 28 that provides users with even greater access, control and sharing of their files and folders. With this update, SugarSync introduced several new features to make productivity of the personal cloud even better, including:

-Copy link to clipboard feature: Have you ever responded to an email on your iPhone or iPad and realized that you need to attach an important file? Now you can grab a public link to any file in your SugarSync account, right from your iPhone or iPad. The person to which you're sending the email doesn't need to be a SugarSync user to download it.

-Remote control for your computers: You're used to being able to organize and manage your files and folders on your computer. Why not be able to do this while traveling? SugarSync for iOS now lets you copy, move and even delete files or folders.

Oh yes. A popular request from the SugarSync community forum was to add PayPal, so the company did. PayPal now is available in 190 countries and in 24 currencies.

SugarSync offers 5GB of cloud storage for its free of charge accounts. For 30GB, you are charged $4.99/month; 60GB is $9.99/month; 100GB is $14.99/month; and 250GB is $24.99/month. It's all backed up on multiple servers.

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