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Tandberg Unveils 1.5TB Cartridge for RDX Appliances

We all know this is true about NAND flash and hard-disk drives, but data cartridges--a somewhat smaller portion of the enterprise data storage market--are also getting more and more capacious all the time.

Tandberg Data, which has put most of its time, money and research/development into its proprietary RDX cartridge IT, on July 31 introduced the first 1.5 terabyte RDX data cartridge to its portfolio for small and medium businesses. The company said the new modules will be available on the market through its channel and reseller partners in September.

Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Quantum and Imation are a few of the larger licensees of the RDX form factor that resell their own products based on it.

If users of Tandberg's RDX QuikStation repopulate their disk libraries with 1.5TB data cartridges, this will increase the appliance's native storage capacity from 8TB to 12TB. Fifty percent isn't exactly a nontrivial increase.

Tandberg supplies RDX cartridges ranging from 64GB to 1.5TB in capacity. Midrange and smaller businesses are the sweet spots in the company's market.

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