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Tell Us About Your Online Backup Service

We've been wanting to do this for a while, but now we're setting aside some actual time and are going to do it: The Station is going to collect the names of as many online ["cloud"] storage services as we can find and will present a side-by-side comparison of them for your reference.

We'll chart them for features and options, pricing, how long they've been around, approximately how many customers (if they'll tell us), and whether we like the name of the company or not.

We've been posting scattered items about online storage since this blog started last October, and we've been getting lots of feedback on the topic, so we figure such a comparison listing is important and its time has come.

There's no way The Station can find out about every online backup service in operation, so we'll need your help. Let us know about one you've heard of (even if you don't use it), and send us the link. Hopefully, we'll have a critical mass for a good comparison chart in a few weeks.

Just send us a note here at the bottom of the blog; it takes just a minute. We'll try to get them approved and up on the site as quickly as possible.

BTW, hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are having a good summer so far! Some of us here in California probably wish we had some of the Southern Hemisphere's cool air right now. We currently have more than 800 (no typo!) wildfires burning at the moment.

We, of course, want to be "hot" -- but not that hot.

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