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This Works Right into Their Hands, but That's Quite OK

Got a bit of sweet news this afternoon through the Twitter transom -- that DealMaker Media has included The Station in its favorite 20 IT bloggers list.

Yes, here's living Internet proof for your own edification.

First off, we'd like to say thank you to the DealMakers. They put on interesting and newsy events and equally interesting and newsy chow at lunchtime. We categorically deny that we sometimes come just to eat and say hi to people.

DealMaker Media, in case you're not familiar, is the outfit that stages the twice-per-year, one-day Under the Radar conferences that showcase up-and-coming new companies. They are very selective, too; not just any little company can pass muster and get into these events, which are largely populated by VC folks, potential investors, analysts and ne'er-do-wells like yours truly.

For example, here's a slide show we put together on eWEEK for last November's UTR. These are all very cool companies from around the globe.

Here's another story we filed last April on some more interesting newbies.

Along the same lines, former Red Herring and Upside Editor Tony Perkins and his AlwaysOn Network staff also do a great job at identifying and presenting young, promising companies at their showcases. Their AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford will take place next July at -- if you can imagine this -- Stanford University.

Now we know that blogging about this here at The Station is playing right into the hands of the DealMaker folks, who will be coming up with the next Under the Radar event at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View on April 28. Of course, they'd like to get the word out to as many interested people as possible, and a sure way to do this is to flatter the scribes who write about IT innovation, because you just KNOW they're going to want to write about being honored.

At least that's my theory.

Compliments can be hard to come by. After all, there's so much information shooting to-and-fro around the Web that it's awfully easy to take information creators -- and the trusted messengers who bring it all to you -- for granted.

So, hey, thanks for the honor to be placed alongside my former Fawcette Technical Media colleague Robert "The Scobleizer" Scoble, Werner Vogels of, cloud expert and longtime friend Bernard Golden, Larry/Sam/Andrew of ZDnet (Larry Dignan hired me at eWEEK a long while ago), my other former Fawcette Technical Media colleague Steve Gillmor of The Gillmor Gang, and all the other fine writers on the list.

We can't help but wonder what the qualification process entailed. Was it: "Oh, add him -- he covered us last time." Or: "He did that slide show a year ago, so add him."

Well, to tell the truth, maybe we'd better not delve too deeply into this whole thing. Let's just be thankful for favors of any kind.

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