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WD's HGST Division Comes Out with 4TB 3.5-inch Drive

The ante has been upped again in the storage capaciousness department. Western Digital's HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) division has produced the only 4TB, 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch enterprise-class hard drive currently available in the storage industry.

WD's Ultrastar 7K4000 drive is designed for 24x7 enterprise applications such as big data analytics, cloud computing, data warehousing, video-on-demand, disk-to-disk backup, and massive scale-out storage implementations, WD said.

The specs say the 4TB drive delivers 33 percent more capacity in the same 3.5-inch footprint at 24 percent lower watts/GB than its predecessor, the 3TB Ultrastar 7K3000 drive. IT managers now can get 2.4 PBs (!) in the footprint of a standard 19-inch storage rack by stacking 10 4U, 60-bay enclosures. Now THAT's capacious.

This machine also can help data centers achieve lower AC power and HVAC requirements. With its five Advanced Power Management modes, the new drive achieves a 59 percent reduction in watts from peak usage during low RPM idle mode, and uses less than 1W during standby/sleep modes, freeing up power headroom.

Five platters are used inside the drive. The Ultrastar 7K4000 product line comes in 4TB, 3TB and 2TB capacities. The Station says these are worth a check out. Enhanced by Zemanta

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