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'World Backup Day' Reminds Us to Back Up Our PC Worlds

Bet you didn't know that today, March 31, is World Backup Day. There are those who believe this should not only be a national holiday, but an international holiday.

If a system or disk death hasn't already happened to you already, rest assured that your day will come. You will switch on your computer some morning and nothing will happen--not even the feared Blue Screen of Death. It will say "disk failure," "fan failure" or maybe nothing at all.

Or you will switch on your computer, some lights will flash and you will hear the whirring of fans, but your screen will remain blank. Nobody's home to let you access all those files you store on your computer and take for granted.

Everybody should either have an external hard drive or a backup cloud service to protect it all. These can be set to back up while you're asleep at night, so there's no excuse for not doing it.

In honor of World Backup Day, The Station and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies remind you to get on this project sooner rather than later. We mention HGST because they were the ones who were kind enough to inform us of this special day, self-serving as it might be. They want to remind you to back up your data right now, and perhaps even into a Hitachi storage device. Maybe you will be congratulating yourself soon because you did.

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