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Wozniak Is Back: Chief Scientist of Storage Startup Fusion-io

UPDATED: The Woz is back in the game.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and one of the most revered technologists of his time, announced Feb. 4 that he coming out of semi-retirement and joining Fusion-io, a Salt Lake City-based storage startup that makes compact solid-state storage arrays. Wozniak will serve as Fusion-io's chief scientist.

He's been serving as a board member for several months and simply decided he wanted to get more involved.

Fusion-io ioDrive is the first direct-attached, solid-state storage array on a PCI-Express (PCIe). As one might imagine, it boasts extremely fast I/O performance; many industry observers believe SSD-powered drives are the wave of the future in storage.

The Station spoke with Wozniak recently about some other topics, and we have added that background into an eWEEK news feature for you to read, should you choose to accept the invitation.

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