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You Learn Something New Every Day Around Here

The Station sat down for a conversation with Michael Dell this morning (Feb. 4) before the company unveiled its first Dell EqualLogic storage products -- a mere 85 days after the Round Rock company announced it was acquiring the small, Nashua, N.H.-based company.

This is impressive stuff, getting the newly co-branded Dell EqualLogic arrays prepared and off to market -- five days after the close of the financial books on the deal. That may well be some kind of IT sector record.

Anyway, the full interview with Dell and his storage chief, Praveen Asthana, will appear soon in eWEEK. Meanwhile, we'll tease you with a bit of banter from the Dell founder himself:

The Station: "Tell me something I don't know about Dell that you think everybody should know."

Michael Dell: "Well ... let's see. Did you know that 85 percent of Dell's products are sold to business and government customers?"

The Station: "Actually, no I didn't. I figured a much higher percentage of sales to the consumer market."

Michael Dell: "So there, you learned something new."

The Station: "Happens every day."

More to come. Keep a lookout on eWEEK.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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