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Flip Phone Simplicity Again Gets Attention From Some Users

Old-style flip phones are showing up in the hands of some celebrities and public figures, which prompted a CBS News report on whether this is a new trend.

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Flip phones may be passé in today's world of smartphones that can scour the Internet, send texts to far-off friends or display HD video on demand right in your hand, but for some users, they still are the phones of choice.

That's the intriguing conclusion of a Dec. 2 CBS News story that describes how flip phones have been showing up more often in public lately in the hands of celebrities, and even a CBS correspondent, who like the simpler devices because of their toughness and lower-tech capabilities.

"Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour was seen at the U.S. Open three months ago with a flip-phone model from the early 2000s," CBS reported. "Actress Kate Beckinsale and singer Rihanna were also photographed using the hip accessory. On draft day, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck answered the call from the Colts on his flip phone."

Then there is New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who "likes his flip phone so much he's stockpiling the device" in case they become hard to find in the future, the news report said.

In an interview in the news story, New York Times columnist Michael Musto said that some people are again adopting an old-style flip phone "because it works, it is functional, you just flip it open. Also, you don't have to get Internet on it," he said. "You can actually go out and enjoy whatever you're experiencing, instead of taking pictures for Instagram and looking at it later."

Interesting viewpoints. And if I think about it, it all actually makes some sense to me, too.

After reading the CBS report, I began reminiscing about my own fondness for my favorite flip phone of my past, a Samsung phone that was built like a tank and had a humorous nylon antenna that extended out for better reception. It was a great phone and I only replaced it when Verizon wouldn't sell me a phone plan without a data plan, making the continuing use of the flip phone ridiculous.

So, do you want to know what I really miss the most about my old Samsung flip phone?

It was that satisfying feeling of flipping it open and imagining I was using a communicator device, just like they did on the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek. True story. I really thought that was the coolest thing.

Sure, my Galaxy S4 puts a pretty powerful computer and communication system in my hand anywhere I go. But sometimes, simpler is nice and even preferable.

Maybe I'll have to look on eBay for an old Samsung flip phone again, just to be trendy.