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Inoreader 3.0 News Reader for Android Gets Even Better

News reader app fanatics will be excited about the big feature updates in the Inoreader 3.0 app for Android, which gets improved gesture controls, better sharing capabilities and more.

Inoreader 3.0 app for Android

Inoreader 3.0 Android news reader app adds a wide range of useful and time-saving features that news reader fans will certainly appreciate.

The new Inoreader 3.0, which debuted on Google Play Nov. 17, gets a redesigned look and adds three different themes from which users can choose so they can customize the display to their liking, as well as new finger gesture controls that are easier to use for navigation inside the app. Also added are one-tap integration with Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Evernote and OneNote, improved sharing capabilities and a simplified log-in screen that now supports log-in through a user's Facebook account.

The new gesture controls are particularly appreciated because gesture controls in the earlier Inoreader 2.0 version of the app were so buggy that they eventually disappeared from the app altogether and didn't reappear until this new version surfaced.

As an unapologetic news reader app lover, I've been using the Web browser-based version of Inoreader on my Windows 7 desktop machines since mid-2013, shortly after Google announced that it would shutter its popular and beloved Google Reader news reader service. Google Reader, the simple, sturdy, reliable and basic RSS reader loved by millions of users around the world, was killed off by Google on July 1, 2013, as part of an annual winnowing process for lesser-used Google services.

I was annoyed by the demise of Google Reader because I used it every day, but Inoreader quickly took its place on my computers and in my work days.

The new Inoreader 3.0 app, which I downloaded and installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, is another success for the brand.

With the latest version, users can now swipe a folder to see the articles inside, which wasn't possible in the previous version of the app. Users can also now swipe anything with a gesture to the right to quickly open a context menu.

The new left-swipe gesture can also be used to see feeds and articles, giving users a consistent interface.

Also new to Inoreader 3.0 for Android is the ability to swipe to pull an article downward to load it fully on the device screen. Users can pull upward to open the article's Website.

Another big improvement is the new sharing menu, which allows users to more easily share interesting news finds with their friends on popular social media platforms.

All of these features improve Inoreader's Android app and make it an even better choice for users looking for a simple, easy-to-use app to scour the Internet for news that interests them. It's definitely worth checking out.

Inoreader already had an iOS version of its app, which was released in July.