10 Innovative IT Startups Showcase Wares at DEMO 2014

1 - 10 Innovative IT Startups Showcase Wares at DEMO 2014
2 - Apakau, San Francisco
3 - Centerity, Needham, Mass.
4 - Convergence CT, Honolulu
5 - Core Mobile, Santa Clara, Calif.
6 - Funding Profiles, Sunnyvale, Calif.
7 - Liquid Analytics, Jacksonville, Fla.
8 - Remedy Informatics, Sandy, Utah
9 - SearchYourCloud, San Francisco
10 - Trufa, Palo Alto, Calif.
11 - Vidible, San Francisco
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10 Innovative IT Startups Showcase Wares at DEMO 2014

by Chris Preimesberger

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Apakau, San Francisco

According to co-founder Fadel Darwish, Apakau is like "Akamai for networks." Whether used on a desktop or mobile device, the startup's patent-pending Xylem data delivery network (DDN) for enterprises ensures low real-world data latency with consistency on every continent. The company's platform can identify denial-of-service attacks on networks—see this map on its Website—and alert you to do something about them.

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Centerity, Needham, Mass.

Centerity Monitor is an enterprise-class all-in-one monitoring platform for the entire IT environment, including servers, networks, databases, applications, passive equipment and clouds. Centerity, which has both standard and enterprise editions, enables organizations in various market segments to simplify all aspects of network and IT management as well as information flow, and enhance business performance. Centerity provides accurate measurements, drill-down root-cause analysis, real-time statistics, and live network maps and graphs.

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Convergence CT, Honolulu

Convergence CT integrates and analyzes health care information from different data sources in real time with the SAP HANA in-memory data store. It also uses its own exploratory and predictive capabilities to form an "insight engine" to drive innovation in modern health care organizations while increasing the effectiveness and value of the care being provided, improving the management of chronic diseases such as breast cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Core Mobile, Santa Clara, Calif.

Core Mobile brings big data, mobile and cloud computing into one platform to be used on demand as needed. It tracks an enterprise's business information and brings together data streams from multiple enterprise systems—such as Salesforce, Siebel Systems, SAP, digital health records and others—based on your contacts, schedule, location and phone call records. The added efficiencies brought by this cloud-based service, the company claims, can potentially save millions of dollars per year in verticals such as health care and financial services.

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Funding Profiles, Sunnyvale, Calif.

The Funding Profiles Generator bills itself as the "first fully self-service business analytics platform." The FP Generator is for finance departments that want to contribute to an enterprise's strategy beyond simply numbers. The application integrates with existing business applications to continuously translate traditional financial metrics into the language of business strategy. By creating unlimited Funding Profiles, finance teams can express plans, targets, actuals, forecasts or scenarios in strategic perspectives any business leader can appreciate.

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Liquid Analytics, Jacksonville, Fla.

Liquid Analytics' suite of mobile apps, called Liquid Decisions, harnesses real-time big data and sales enablement analytics to drive sales teams to proactive action that builds customer trust and loyalty while helping sales managers and reps meet their goals. Optimized for wholesale distributors, the suite is built on the SAP Mobile Platform with an SAP HANA in-memory database back end, and it is integrated to SAP's ERP platform.

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Remedy Informatics, Sandy, Utah

Remedy Informatics provides registries and research informatics products for life sciences, translational research and health care delivery. The company seeks to discover previously unseen patterns in research data through its next-generation registry technology. Its products and research systems accelerate translational and clinical research discoveries across the medical spectrum, from bench to bedside, and enable health care providers to track clinical practice patterns that yield higher-quality, lower-cost patient outcomes.

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SearchYourCloud, San Francisco

SearchYourCloud provides advanced full-text search and encryption for files and email across multiple existing stores and Exchange inboxes. Users can access cloud systems from devices running Microsoft Office, OS X, iOS and Android. The company's software can be embedded, integrated and implemented by third parties such as carriers/mobile operators, systems integrators and software providers.

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Trufa, Palo Alto, Calif.

Trufa delivers what it calls "true finance applications," connecting finance and operations in a purposeful way with speed and precision. Designed for the office of the CFO, Trufa's predictive analytics applications enable enterprises to analyze in real time vast amounts of operational data, identify opportunities for improvement, simulate process changes on the fly and quantify their impact on financial performance. By applying big data technology and advanced statistical methods to a company's entire ERP data, Trufa delivers immediate results directly to the decision-maker.

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Vidible, San Francisco

Vidible is a sophisticated video content exchange that allows buyers and sellers of video to have control and transparency through a programmatic platform. Vidible provides a complete SaaS platform, from video management to syndication and analytics. It also delivers professional-quality video content to the right context or audience at a transparent price in real time across all devices.

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