A Look at IBMs Blue Spruce Web Browser Platform

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A Look at IBMs Blue Spruce Web Browser Platform

by Clint Boulton

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Evolution of the Web Browser

Web publishing, rooted in HTML, has evolved to where IBM now sees the browser as the Web platform.

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What if?

What does Blue Spruce allow you to do? Collaborate in ways previously not possible.

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IBM Calls It the Cooperative Web

IBM promises to replicate the power of face-to-face communications and gestures via the Internet. Not a bad value proposition during a recession. How soon can we get it?

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Three Scenarios

Blue Spruce allows groups of users in fields such as education, financial services and medicine to work together on important shared projects.

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The Concepts

Users stream live high-definition video and propagate changes in a Web browser.

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Blue Spruce Includes Client, Co-Web Server

Here's a look at the makeup of Blue Spruce. Though not open source, the platform leverages several open standards.

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Relating to AJAX

Here's how the Blue Spruce components communicate with one another.

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Why Blue Spruce?

To boost the quality of live meetings with mashups.

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