Adobe Marketing Cloud Gets New Social UI

Adobe Marketing Cloud has a new social-enabled user interface and links to Adobe Creative Cloud.

SALT LAKE CITY—Adobe Systems unveiled a new social-enabled user interface for Adobe Marketing Cloud and announced that the marketing cloud now links with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud provides data and insights to marketers that enable them to gauge the impact of their marketing dollars more easily and to understand how campaigns are performing. Adobe announced the new technology here at its Adobe Summit 2013, the company's digital marketing conference.

The new linkage with Adobe Creative Cloud, which agency creative professionals use to build and deliver those marketing campaigns, results in an aligned marketing organization that can act and iterate at the speed of digital, creating more relevant experiences for customers and more value for the business, Adobe said.

"When managing teams for creative design, advertising and analytics all under the same roof, marketers need information that paints a full picture of their business in one easy-to-access spot," Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe's Digital Marketing Business, said in a statement. "Adobe Marketing Cloud now helps marketers surface valuable insights, communicate quickly across teams, and then take action, freeing them from rigid dashboards, cumbersome spreadsheets and lengthy email exchanges."

Among the new features of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is a tablet interface. Tablets have become mainstream in the enterprise and boost efficiency as employees do critical parts of their jobs on the go. Adobe Marketing Cloud has been redesigned to reflect this trend, becoming a touch-based, mobile-first platform.

"The new social-enabled UI for Adobe Marketing Cloud eliminates the sluggish complexity of surfacing and sharing key insights, drilling down to understand what's going on and deciding on the right course of action," said Adam Allamar, vice president of marketing for Barclaycard US, in a statement. "I'm excited that my teams can now use Adobe Marketing Cloud to better connect and collaborate."

The marketing practice is transforming, and an effective marketing organization needs to keep pace. Adobe says the secret to this is connecting the business leaders in an organization with the individuals driving the development and measurement of marketing content so key decision makers can quickly observe, have a discussion in real time and take action. Adobe has woven social elements into the fabric of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which gives marketers, creative personnel and business leaders an efficient way to drive their business.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud provides five key solutions:

Adobe Analytics puts the power of relevant data into the hands of marketers. They will be able to see trends, get key insights and make strategic decisions that help them customize their digital experiences, find and create loyal customers and increase revenue.

Adobe Target lets marketer create, dynamically serve, and continually optimize personalized messages that break through the clutter, increase conversion and keep customers coming back.