Anturis Launches IT Monitoring Platform for SMBs

Taking its beta product to commercial launch, Anturis delivers an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting platform for SMBs.

Anturis has launched the commercial version of its cloud-based monitoring and troubleshooting platform for Web services and IT infrastructure. The browser-based cloud platform targets small and midsize businesses that typically don't have access to or budgets for a dedicated IT department, said Anturis. Building on the beta product, the enterprise-grade IT monitoring platform adds several new features and enhancements.

"Early this year, we delivered an innovative beta product to meet the IT monitoring needs of SMBs. We spent the past several months collecting key information and feedback from our users," Sergey Nevstruev, CEO of Anturis, of San Francisco, said in a statement. "The feedback validated our initial research and our beta offering. Our users want the ability to invest minimum effort and cost to achieve maximum control over their IT infrastructure.

"This is extremely important for SMBs, where IT is now playing an ever increasing role in overall company success," Nevstruev stated. "SMBs typically utilize similar IT technologies and we were able to collect key data about these systems and technologies and build a product that does not require users to be skilled IT experts—and they loved it."

An WEEK review earlier this year indicates that the monitoring system works well for SMBs.

The Anturis IT monitoring product provides monitoring for the Website, server, Web app, MYSQL and network. One major upgrade to the commercial version includes a simplified Website monitoring setup, which enables the system to automatically select multiple monitoring locations to maximize efficiency and minimize the number of connection-related issues and false positives, said the company. This benefits SMBs by eliminating manual configuration, reducing the chance for human error, speeding up the monitoring configuration and avoiding alerts spam.

Other updates include several GUI and usability enhancements, such as improved wizards, as well as extended diagnostic data for faster troubleshooting. This includes providing a list of the top five CPU-consuming processes at the time of a CPU overload.

The IT monitoring product is available in four packages/options to better meet the needs of SMB customers. Plans include:

  • Lifetime Free: A limited package with five monitors and unlimited email alerts each month. This package is free of charge.
  • Small: Includes 10 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 10 SMS and voice alerts per month. The price is $7.50 per month (annual price).
  • Medium: 40 monitors, unlimited email alerts and 40 SMS and voice alerts. The price is $32.50 per month (annual price).
  • Large: 100 monitors, unlimited email alerts and unlimited SMS and voice alerts. The cost is $82.50 per month (annual price).

Anturis is offering a "30-day free trial" for all premium plans.