Apple iCloud Nears Launch: 10 Good Reasons to Use It

News Analysis: Now that Apple's iCloud Website has launched in preparation for the service's availability, it's time to look at why it's worth using. In general, the service has a lot to offer consumer and business users.

Apple's iCloud is nearing its official launch, as the service's Website,, went live this week. This paves the way for the offering to launch to customers in the relatively near future. When it does, customers around the globe, both consumers and enterprises, will need to determine if the solution is right for them. Apple certainly thinks so, but will they?

One needs only to examine iCloud's many features to quickly realize that opting for iCloud would be a good idea. The service, while not as robust as some had hoped, delivers several key features that will make synchronizing content across devices simple and storing content in the cloud quite convenient.

Here are the reasons why Apple's iCloud is worth using.

1. Synchronization takes center stage

One of the key aspects of iCloud is synchronization. When users sync their devices, including iOS-based products or computers, with iCloud, they will be able to get the same content elsewhere. So, if users want to keep all their emails or calendar appointments synced, they can. If they downloaded applications on the iPhone and want those on the iPad, iCloud will be their best friend. iCloud delivers a hands-off approach consumers will like.

2. It has storage too

Apple will be offering 5GB of free storage with iCloud. What that means is users can upload content to the cloud and keep it there for when they might want to download it at another time. Admittedly, 5GB of data isn't ideal. Many users would like to have access to much more storage, but it's a nice start. And for the average user, it should be enough for what they need.

3. It's a free option

If iCloud was an expensive proposition, few folks would want to use it. But Apple is offering iCloud for free. What that means is there's no risk to trying it out. If the platform works well, people will be happy to find a product that they won't need to pay for. In the case that it doesn't work well, those same people will be happy they didn't have to pay for a loser. The fact is, iCloud's price tag (or lack thereof) makes it at least worth trying out.

4. A disaster-recovery solution

One of the nice things about iCloud is that it's a suitable tool for disaster recovery. In a time when malware is everywhere and computers can die in an instant, it's nice to have something to fall back on. With iCloud, users will be able to recover synced data to their computers and iOS-based devices without much trouble. That doesn't mean that iCloud is an alternative to backing up-nothing is-but for apps, music and stored content, it should help get users back up and running quite quickly.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...