Apple Safari 4 Is Like Whole New Browser

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Apple Safari 4 Is Like Whole New Browser

By Jim Rapoza

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Top Sites

The Top Sites feature in Safari provides an attractive and interactive method for browsing and tracking your favorite Websites.

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Top Sites Order

Safari 4 Top Sites can be placed in any order on the screen through drag and drop, and can be permanently pinned to any spot.

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Top Site Tracking

By choosing Small, Medium or Large thumbnails, users of Safari 4 can track a few or many Top Sites.

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Cover Flow

The iTunes-like Cover Flow feature in Safari 4 provides a very nice interface for searching browser history and favorites.

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Search History

When searching the history of Safari 4, users can see the Web page within the Cover Flow interface, rather than just a listing of sites.

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Full Page Zooming

Safari 4 now supports full page zooming within Websites.

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Acid3 Test

Based on the powerful Webkit browser engine, Safari 4 gets a perfect score on the Acid3 Web standards test.

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Developer Tools

Very nice visual developer tools inside Safari 4 help Web authors build and diagnose their Web pages.

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Search Field

The search field in Safari 4 offers suggested search options and recent similar searches.

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