Apple TV: Hands-on Tests Show It's a Good Buy

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Apple TV: Hands-on Tests Show It's a Good Buy

by Don Reisinger

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The Apple TV

The Apple TV is a small, black set-top box that delivers some hefty performance for such a minute device.

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The Miniature Apple TV

The Apple TV fits easily into a persons palm. Its one-quarter the size of the original Apple TV.

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Apple TV Connectivity

Consumers looking for all kinds of connectivity with the Apple TV wont find it. It boasts only HDMI, Ethernet and optical audio.

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The Intuitive Menu

The Apple TV features one of the most functional menus of any set-top box on the market.

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The New Remote

The new Apple remote boasts an aluminum finish and fits nicely in the users hands.

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Apple's Movie Selection

Overall, Apples movie selection leaves much to be desired, but at least it isnt as bad as the devices television offering.

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Apple TV's Poor Television Selection

The Apple TV includes content from ABC, Disney and Fox. Other major networks are missing from the service.

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Netflix in Action

The Apple TV includes Netflix streaming, which works extremely well on the set-top box.

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Access to YouTube

Those hoping to watch the "Evolution of Dance" once again can do so with YouTube on the Apple TV.

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The Extras

Apples set-top box includes extra functionality, such as the ability to view Flickr photos from the device.

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