Apple TV Is Coming: 10 Ways It Will Hurt Google, Android

NEWS ANALYSIS: The long-rumored Apple television could be a sales hit in the coming years. And in the process, it might hurt Google and Android.

The amount of talk surrounding the Apple television has hit a tipping point. Almost every day, there is a new rumor that crops up about a possible feature, a launch date, pricing and more. There appears to be no end to the speculation in sight, and Apple, as it has done in the past, has relished the hype without giving any indication that it might be offering up a television in the near future.

For now, let€™s assume that Apple is, in fact, working on a television. Furthermore, let€™s assume that the television will appeal to consumers and show why all the hype surrounding the device€™s launch was well worth it. Given that, it might quickly become clear that Apple€™s television could dramatically hurt both Google and Android.

Sure, Google and its Android operating system might not sound like the immediate stakeholders that could get hit hard by an Apple television, but further inspection reveals that Google might just be chief among those companies that will be negatively affected by the eventual launch of an Apple television.

Here, we look at several reasons why Google should worry about an Apple television.

1. Google TV, anyone?

The most obvious way in which an Apple TV could hurt Google is through the search giant€™s Google TV platform. That service, which is running on both televisions and set-top boxes, includes app support, lets some users control their DVRs and even includes a Web browser. In other words, it€™s the same kind of idea as the Apple TV. The only issue is, most consumers can€™t stand Google TV, and after Apple launches its set, Google€™s service could be in for trouble.

2. More products means more product sales across the board

As Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out during his company€™s last earnings call, the iPhone is helping sell more iPads and Macs. Given the likely popularity of Apple€™s television, there€™s a good chance that the set will do the same. Apple€™s products have a tendency to help all others see sales increase. And that could hurt both Google and Android vendors.

3. The iPhone, iPod, iPad might be the remote

Following that, it€™s worth noting that rumors suggest Apple€™s iPhone, iPod and iPad will be the remote for the new television. So if people buy the TV, they€™ll likely opt for an iPhone over an Android-based device. And if they already have an iPhone, they€™re probably not going to buy a set with Google TV running on it. That€™s a real problem for Google.

4. Developer considerations

As noted, Google TV currently supports applications. However, the number of apps available is quite small, and few of them have been appealing to consumers. Apple, meanwhile, is reportedly planning to integrate its App Store. And developers, remembering how important the App Store is to their bottom line, will probably jump at the chance to start creating programs for the television. Developers could really help Apple€”and hurt Google.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...