Appnomics Launches 3D Version of Cloud Metrics Platform

Company claims that AppsOne 4.0 amounts to the industry's first "application behavior-learning" enterprise software package.

Cloud systems automation provider Appnomic Systems on May 7 launched v4.0 of its AppsOne product for U.S. distribution, a platform that is able to ascertain real-time application-usage patterns and present them in a three-dimensional performance-management model.


Bangalore, India-based Appnomic claims that AppsOne 4.0 amounts to the industry's first "application behavior-learning" enterprise software package. The 3D model is designed for ease of use when displaying various combinations of metrics in order to tell the story of cloud deployments.

Diversified application architectures and disparate data sources in complex IT ecosystems are introducing multiple potential performance break points, Appnomic President Ray Solnik told eWEEK, and most current solutions aren't equipped for such large data loads.

"Thus, there is a need for new methods to analyze the complex and massive volumes of performance data from cloud and hybrid IT productions systems," Solnik said.

Appnomic has proven AppsOne's success at top banks, online portals, software as a service (SaaS) and enterprise clients in India, Solnik said.

Appnomic v4.0, according to Solnik, features:

  • 3D real-time performance analytics: AppsOne 4.0 analyzes metrics across three key dimensions of application performance: real end-user transaction response time, infrastructure components and application usage patterns.
  • End-User Monitoring (EUM) for all types of applications: AppsOne 4.0 introduces EUM with flexibility in terms of data-capture methodology and transaction type. AppsOne 4.0 can capture metrics with JavaScript injection, network monitoring methods or management-based approach depending on the IT operations objective or architecture. AppsOne 4.0 EUM may be used for HTTP and non-HTTP transaction types as is often necessary for hybrid environments.
  • Automated forensics: Automated deep-dive diagnostics information is now collected with every Early Warning Alert to enable faster root-cause analysis (RCA) as well as to automate remediation workflow. This type of IT automation is not available from any other APM product in the market, Appnomic claims.
  • Support for SAP applications: AppsOne 4.0 users can monitor the performance of SAP transactions in real time. These include transactions executed via Web, Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) interface and batch jobs.
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