AWS Adding AI, Machine Learning and Compute Services to Its Cloud

Today’s topics include AWS adding AI and compute services to its cloud lineup, and Micron and Intel terminating their 3D XPoint joint development program.

At this week’s Amazon Web Services NYC Summit 2018, executives announced new capabilities for the company’s artificial intelligence, machine learning and compute services on the AWS cloud.

Dr. Matt Wood, AWS’ general manager for machine learning, announced two updates to the SageMaker service, which enables users to build and deploy models in the cloud. SageMaker Streaming Algorithms streams large amounts of training data from the S3 storage service into SageMaker, while SageMaker Batch Transform allows users to dump large files or file sets into SageMaker for testing or training.

Additionally, Amazon Translate now supports numerous new languages, and Amazon Transcribe supports Channel Synthesis, which can construct a single transcription from multi-channel audio streams.

In Compute, AWS Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels announced two new instance types. the memory-optimized R5 and the turbo-charged Z1.

Micron and Intel have agreed to end their partnership to design and build the solid-state 3D XPoint chips when the project is finished in the first half of 2019.

According to Micron, development of the chips beyond the second generation of 3D XPoint chips will be pursued independently by the two companies in order to optimize them for their respective product and business needs.

Intel is moving the focus of its 3D NAND flash storage-class memory business to a relatively unknown Chinese company, Tsinghua Unigroup, by providing the company with its flash chips to create microSD cards and solid-state disks. The move could help Intel gain better access to the Chinese market.