BeBop Taps IBM Cloud for Video Editing Platform

IBM Cloud helps BeBop Technology create a cloud-based video editing platform for the entertainment industry, among other IBM Cloud use cases.

BeBop Taps IBM Cloud

IBM announced that BeBop Technology has tapped IBM Cloud to create a cloud-based film and video editing service to help speed and ease the production of media and entertainment projects.

BeBop's new IBM Cloud-powered namesake platform provides secure, remote editing and lowers video production costs. IBM officials said BeBop is the first virtualized cloud-based editing platform tailored for the needs of the entertainment industry.

Running on IBM's SoftLayer infrastructure as a service, BeBop provides users with video editing and post-production capabilities that address long-standing piracy and editing workflow problems.

"Via SoftLayer, BeBop enables production companies to globally disperse workflows both cost-effectively and realistically," said Bruce Long, co-founder of BeBop Technology, in a statement. "Companies can engage the best talent in the world and work collaboratively, regardless of location, and take better advantage of regional tax credits to considerably drive down production costs."

Long said BeBop chose IBM Cloud as the foundation for its platform because of its use of high performing, GPU-equipped bare metal servers and multi-monitor support.

"In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, film and video creators require dramatically more efficient production tools and processes," said Steve Canepa, general manager of Global Media and Entertainment Industry at IBM, in a statement. "Softlayer's secure and reliable cloud architecture provides a highly scalable and dynamic platform specifically designed for next-generation video-cloud services."

In addition to SoftLayer, the BeBop solution integrates a cloud media management solution from software developer Teradici, whose Pervasive Computing Platform technology creates secure, high-performance virtual workspaces. Typical cloud-based media management systems move a project's content files between editorial facilities. The more those files move, the more prone to error and piracy they become, IBM said.

However, to overcome that challenge, the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform transmits only pixels—not files—to ensure a risk-free editing environment. As a result, typical post-production workflow is reversed. Instead of taking files to the editing tools, BeBop takes the editing tools to the content—which is kept secure on IBM Cloud.

"The BeBop platform provides a much-needed solution for filmmakers looking to collaborate with remote teams while keeping files secure," said Diane Merrick, vice president of marketing for Teradici. "By incorporating the Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform on IBM Cloud, BeBop removes any concern of actual film footage or intellectual property getting into the wrong hands."

BeBop also speeds up post-production workflow by eliminating the need for team members to download massive files before working on them. Instead, editors and post-production staff can remotely access and manipulate the project files while they are securely kept on IBM Cloud servers.

BeBop will launch for general availability in the first quarter of 2016 and is currently in private beta with notable film studios, television networks and digital content producers as well as post-production and visual effects companies, the company said.

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