BroadVision Launches Free Version of Cloud Social Networking App

The established software provider joins a growing number of companies competing in the private-social-network enterprise platform market with Clearvale Express.

Enterprise-only unified messaging social networks have gained momentum in recent months, especially since the introduction of's Chatter, which has brought some new gravitas to the space.

Yammer also has had a growing stake in the sector for the last few years and has done a respectable job. And Facebook, with its Messages app launched last November, has brought attention to unified messaging.

Now, an established (18-year-old) IT provider that's relatively new on this block, BroadVision-with its cloud-based Clearvale application-has branched out with a free version to make more news in the market.

BroadVision's Clearvale Express, launched Feb. 8, is a streamlined version of the high-function Clearvale Enterprise, the company's frontline enterprise social networking environment. Clearvale Express enables any business to create social networks for use inside and outside of the enterprise on a cloud platform.

The Clearvale cloud service enables enterprises to connect not only their own in-house staff in a closed social network but also their own service providers, partners, customers-the entire supply chain-and collaborate in a familiar-looking environment.

One of the key features of Clearvale Express-freely available by itself or as part of Clearvale Enterprise-is its integration with Google Apps.

"With a large number of SMBs worldwide now using Google Apps, Clearvale Express brings a new level of performance to their productivity suites," BroadVision Chief Marketing Officer Giovanni Rodriguez told eWEEK.

Another key differentiator for Express is that it has a seamless upgrade path to additional enterprisewide collaboration features, Rodriguez said.

Clearvale-the UI of which looks a lot like Facebook-also can serve as a cloud platform as a service for telecommunications providers to resell. That cloud service is called PaasPort (for platform as a service).

Large enterprises have also been looking for a streamlined version of Clearvale, Rodriguez said. SoftBank Telecom, one of BroadVision Clearvale's biggest customers in Japan, is using Clearvale to bring its own services to that large SMB market.

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