Calabrio Unveils Multi-Tenant Cloud Suite for Contact Centers

Calabrio technology acts as a central application of record when it comes to enterprises interacting with customers and potential customers in a contact center.

Calabrio is one software company that knows the importance of an enterprise listening intently to its customers, recording all the information and sentiment they provide, and then reporting exactly what they say and want.

The Minneapolis-based company, which provides behind-the-scenes software that connects the dots and optimizes records in sales and customer engagement platforms, on Oct. 10 released Calabrio ONE, a multitenant cloud platform that does all of the above.

The company made the announcement during its annual Calabrio Connect customer conference in Minneapolis.

Calabrio ONE provides multichannel contact centers with new options to deploy workforce optimization software in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid approach without sacrificing functionality or ease of use.

This is a unified suite that includes call recording, quality management, workforce management and voice-of-the-customer analytics. It records, captures and analyzes customer engagement center interactions to improve the customer experience and drive top-line business growth. It can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or via hybrid.

App of Record in Many Customer Interactions

For its customers, Calabrio is a central application of record when it comes to enterprises interacting with customers and potential customers.

"We're in the middle of the contact center, from providing scheduling agents to evaluating and analyzing customer sentiment—those are the components that we hold," President and CEO Tom Goodmanson told eWEEK. "We tightly partner with Salesforce, for example, to do a lot of great work in sales and contact centers. What we do is kind of glue it all together and allow them to hear the voice of the customer—literally. We record the call, the text, the chats and link it right back into a Salesforce record.

"We also have some pretty cool analytics tools that do phonetic speech and voice-to-text in order to really understand customer sentiment, so you can take care of customer experience and brand," he added.

Contact centers now are experiencing their own digital transformation and are deploying multichannel support and service options for customers—including web, chat, email, voice calls, social media and mobile interactions. These always-on contact centers manage multiple locations, allow agents to work at home and employ an overall increasingly global workforce—all of which requires a new kind of support infrastructure.

Call, Contact Centers Moving to the Cloud in Droves

These trends, along with the high cost of hardware and tedious software maintenance and upgrade fees, have sparked a shift in contact centers moving to the cloud.

"There are tremendous benefits of moving customer and workforce data to the cloud, and we're the first in the industry to build an end-to-end multitenant, ACD (automatic call distributor)-agnostic platform to make the transition to the cloud as easy as possible, whenever customers are ready," Goodmanson said.

Calabrio ONE accommodates fast-growing contact centers and seasonal staffing with a "burst" pricing model: Customers buy only the licenses they use on a monthly basis.

The platform supports global businesses with multiple contact center sites; they can use current infrastructure investments in one contact center while adding another contact center that runs in the cloud. Calabrio works across multiple locations with a unified interface and single, consistent experience for business users, Goodmanson said.

What's in the Product Suite

Key benefits of the new Calabrio ONE platform include:

--Active/Active architecture ensures 24/7 uptime.

--Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute Services (EC2) provides a scalable infrastructure to keep data secure, available and safe from loss.

--Amazon S-3 Storage allows data to move dynamically through storage options, migrating from millisecond first byte latency to glacier storage with easy policy management.

--Amazon Relational Database Services provides high-performance reliability and security for application data.

--Grid computing uses a modern grid computing architecture to accommodate heavy data processing from across the contact center.

--Smart Capture technology uses smart technology to combine capture, analysis and reporting of customer data, and provides improved diagnostics.

--End-to-End Multitenancy keeps each tenant's (business groups/departments) data isolated and invisible to other tenants.

Calabrio was recently acquired by global investment firm KKR. For more information, go here.

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