CareCloud, QuantiaMD Team Up on Physician Practice Management

CareCloud will use QuantiaMD's community platform to engage doctors on how to use cloud computing and EHRs to meet their practice-management needs.

CareCloud, which offers cloud-based electronic health record and practice management software, is collaborating with QuantiaMD to use the latter's community of physicians to communicate with them on how they can best manage their practices.

Under the partnership announced on Jan. 8, the two companies will collect insight from 5,000 physician members in QuantiaMD's community to discover trends in practice management and determine the state of physician groups in the United States, CareCloud reported.

The companies will compile data on on how physicians save time as well as boost their revenue and their efficiency.

A social media tool for doctors, QuantiaMD's online community platform includes a gamification element. A contest on doctors' best practices will take place, with the winners receiving a CareCloud makeover, consisting of CareCloud software.

"[QuantiaMD has] built a robust platform that leverages the latest in social tools and game mechanics to facilitate meaningful and consistent engagement around critical issues such as practice profitability," Albert Santalo, chairman and CEO of CareCloud, said in a statement.

CareCloud looked to collaborate with a company that can help it blend technology and community, according to Santalo. "It's through this approach that we can drive a dialogue and enact real change in how physicians operate their practices and, ultimately, interact with one another," said Santalo.

In the QuantiaMD community, physicians can discuss how to comply with health care regulations and qualify for reimbursement, according to Eric Schultz, executive chairman of QuantiaMD.

By working together, CareCloud and QuantiaMD will be able to engage physicians and share best practices on how to use health care IT tools, Schultz said in a statement.

"Our partnership with CareCloud reflects the belief that we can extend the power of best-practice sharing within our community with modern tools to help deliver on medical-group needs," Schultz said.

Adopting EHRs and conforming to the federal government's meaningful-use guidelines are key challenges for practices that the QuantiaMD community will discuss, Joe Sawyer, vice president of marketing at CareCloud, told eWEEK.

CareCloud will look to show how technology such as an EHR platform and cloud computing can benefit a practice.

The partnership between CareCloud and QuantiaMD has two components: engaging physicians and determining the financial health of practices, Sawyer said.

"Through that kind of engagement, we'll give an intriguing snapshot of the operational health of U.S. practices today," Sawyer said. "We see this as a Web 2.0 modern approach that's focused on content around engaging physicians."

QuantiaMD's community platform allows more than 160,000 provider members to share insight around key topics in health care, including areas of clinical care and practice management, Sawyer said.

"This kind of collaboration slots in nicely with the kind of engagement [QuantiaMD is] fostering today," Sawyer said.

Premier, a health care performance-improvement alliance of 2,500 hospitals and 84,000 additional health-care facilities, offers a community platform called PremierConnect that's similar to QuantiaMD's. IBM powers PremierConnect with servers and storage as well as business-intelligence and collaboration tools.

In addition to EHR and practice-management software, CareCloud offers revenue-cycle management and medical billing software and services. It also produces cloud-based health care analytics applications.