Cedexis Expands Cloud Availability Visibility

End-user experience with cloud computing services varies widely over time and over different geographies. Cedexis Radar aims to make sense of it all.

The cloud is an amorphous technological construct with varying degrees of performance and availability, depending on the location and the network of the end user. That's where the Cedexis Radar cloud app performance and benchmarking service comes into play, providing users with visibility into cloud availability and performance metrics.

Marty Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Cedexis, explained to eWEEK that his company is now expanding the scope of its monitoring business to provide a more comprehensive view into cloud services delivery. The Cedexis Radar service is now being enhanced with improved data visualizations and alerts that enable users to compare multiple aspects of cloud availability and performance, including page load times.

The way Cedexis Radar works is by way of a network that is connected to more than 80 cloud and content delivery network (CDN) providers.

"We collect the data from all of our customers, so it's all based on end-user measurements," Kagan said.

For example, he noted that NBC News is a Cedexis customer and, as such, anyone who visits that site will trigger the Cedexis Radar code, which will measure the performance of the Website. The actual code is just a piece of JavaScript that runs in the end user's browser. The idea is to get insight into what the actual end-user experience is for a given Website.

Given the vast diversity in end-user devices as well as Internet connectivity options, there is a lot of data that Cedexis can look at. Kagan explained that Cedexis can isolate different components of a download, including the TCP connect time, the DNS lookup speed, as well as rendering time across browsers and devices. The core area of interest for Cedexis right now is network latency and throughput.

Across different cloud vendors, there are myriad options for servers and applications that could be running. From an availability perspective, Kagan said those details are abstracted in order to get a big picture view into a given cloud.

"We essentially ignore server time as we work under the assumption that server response times are trivial when compared against network latency," Kagan said. "There may be differences across servers, but it shouldn't have an impact on what we're measuring."

Availability Zones

Cedexis' core business is all about being able to compare different clouds, from the perspective of different end users coming from different Internet service providers. For example, Cedexis Radar can visually compare and contrast what the experience is for a particular cloud deployment for end users assessing the cloud from AT&T Wireless versus Verizon.

Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner is an Internet consultant, strategist, and contributor to several leading IT business web sites.