Cloudability Buys DataHero for Self-Service Analytics

With its DataHero acquisition, Cloudability adds self-service analytics to its cloud cost management portfolio.

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Cloudability, a cloud cost management provider, announced its acquisition of DataHero, a provider of self-service cloud business intelligence.

Cloudability CEO Mat Elis said the acquisition positions his company to better meet the demands of its surging customer base in the rapidly growing cloud computing market. DataHero's San Francisco location will become Cloudability's first Bay Area location and a key part of future expansion. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

"As companies spend more to run applications on public clouds, effectively managing deployment costs becomes increasingly important and complex," Elis said in a statement. "Mastering the cloud at scale requires thinking about spending as 'what did it cost us to do some important business activity?' instead of 'how much did I spend on IT last month?' The activity can be almost anything: a webpage served, a widget sold, a ride taken across town or even a flight to the other side of the planet. For the last few years, DataHero has been helping their customers analyze and understand the business activities that matter most. That kind of innovation and expertise will be invaluable to our users."

The cloud computing and infrastructure market is expected to grow to $43 billion by 2018, according to Goldman Sachs. But the flexibility of the cloud is a double-edged sword, Elis said. The cloud provides scalable access to computing resources, and as deployments grow, organizations face increasing visibility and management challenges. Cloudability makes it easy to monitor spending, optimize costs and govern cloud deployments, saving organizations an average of 30 percent on cloud costs in the first six months, the company said.

Launched in 2011, DataHero offers a self-service analytics tool that enables any user to quickly connect to cloud services without the help of an IT team. The company says its offering provides data analysis "reimagined" from the ground up, focusing on intuitive design and experience to enable non-analysts and analysts alike. DataHero also offers suggested charts and drag-and-drop chart creation to make it easy to uncover insights within users' data and communicate them with dashboards.

"Cloudability and DataHero are complementary in many ways—spanning from the mission of bringing greater usability and visibility to the cloud all the way through to company cultures," said Ed Miller, CEO of DataHero, in a statement. "We are confident that this combination will significantly drive Cloudability's growing lead in its space."

DataHero started as a small data visualization company with two employees and expanded to a global company serving thousands of users worldwide.

"Cloudability and DataHero are in many ways aiming toward the same mission: bringing better decision making to people all over the world, via the cloud," Miller said in a blog post. "Cloudability has proven to be a top cloud cost management provider to customers across the globe. DataHero has become a leader in delivering innovative analytic tools that are easy to use and relevant. Our combined team of technology and data science experts will help us continue to innovate and grow."

In his own blog post, Cloudability's Elis added: "With the addition of the DataHero team and insights we are bringing ever greater visibility and clarity to our customers' clouds, which in turn will only accelerate cloud adoption rates. Cloudability's users include some of the biggest and most sophisticated cloud users on the planet, with over 15 percent of all AWS spending coursing through our system. What our user base is doing today to manage big clouds will likely become best practice tomorrow, and we are happy to predict that a focus on actual technology unit costs is one thing we will be taking for granted in the not too distant future."