CloudBees Aims Java Platform as a Service at Private Clouds

CloudBees has extended its Java platform as a service to private clouds on OpenStack or vSphere with RUN@cloud Private Edition.

CloudBees, a provider of Java cloud-computing solutions, has announced RUN@cloud Private Edition, which extends the company's Java PAAS (platform as a service) to private cloud environments running on OpenStack or vSphere.

With this new offering, CloudBees expands choices for customers on the CloudBees platform: choice in deployment-public, private or hybrid cloud-and choice of underlying infrastructure, whether Amazon Web Services, OpenStack or vSphere.

Moreover, in support of its commitment to an open cloud, CloudBees also announced that it is joining the OpenStack community. CloudBees will work with the OpenStack ecosystem to bring an open, enterprise-grade PAAS to OpenStack users that frees them from vendor lock-in and costly server virtualization.

"We're pleased to welcome CloudBees to the OpenStack community," Stephen Spector, community manager for OpenStack, said in a statement. "There is strong interest in the OpenStack community for PAAS solutions like CloudBees to help enterprise developers quickly and easily deploy applications on OpenStack, while increasing the adoption and accessibility of the open-source cloud operating system."

CloudBees said RUN@cloud Private Edition will enable enterprise companies building private clouds on OpenStack or vSphere to take advantage of CloudBees' deployment services behind their own firewalls. In addition, public cloud providers built on OpenStack or vSphere can support RUN@cloud services. CloudBees is currently on-boarding beta customers, with planned general availability in the second half of 2011. Companies interested in participating in the beta can register here.

"CloudBees continues to lead on innovation, and today we've broadened the choices for our customers-choice in deployment and choice in underlying infrastructure," Sacha Labourey, founder and CEO of CloudBees, said in a statement. "Even more, we've shown that we can execute rapidly, and our vision remains committed to providing the easiest to use, most flexible and most cost-effective PAAS on the market covering the complete development to production lifecycle for Java applications."

RUN@cloud Private Edition is a Scale Down, Up and Out (DUO) system that optimally manages virtual machines. It is multi-tenant and enables multiple customers to share a service securely. The new edition also features metering and billing to handle multi-tenanting and accurately billing by the minute. RUN@cloud Private Edition also is portable and supports multiple cloud infrastructure services to avoid lock-in; it has a robust back-end management system to assure maximum uptime and availability; and is based on open-source software and open standards, so that customers can use their existing expertise to move to the cloud, CloudBees officials said.

Labourey said CloudBees continues to execute quickly on its PAAS vision. CloudBees accelerated the delivery of its Java PAAS with the acquisition of Stax Networks in December 2010 and completed integration within a month. Generally available since January, RUN@cloud has deployed 4,000 applications already. It offers developers everything they need to quickly and easily deploy applications to the cloud-without having to purchase, configure and maintain hardware, and without having to program applications for a specific underlying IAAS (infrastructure as a service).

CloudBees also provides DEV@cloud, an integrated development infrastructure that enables developers to quickly write, build and test applications in the cloud, then instantly deploy to RUN@cloud. DEV@cloud features Jenkins, the popular open-source continuous integration server. More than 500 customers have logged over 250,000 Jenkins build minutes in the cloud.