CloudBees Java Platform as a Service Ready for Primetime

CloudBees announces that its Java-based platform-as-a-service solution is now generally available.

CloudBees, maker of a Java-based cloud computing platform, has announced that its CloudBees solution is now generally available.

The CloudBees Platform is a development-to-production PAAS (platform-as-a-service) solution for Java applications. The CloudBees Platform includes the company's two services, DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud. With the CloudBees Platform, customers handle their entire application lifecycle in the cloud, from development to deployment-with no need to worry about IT matters such as servers, virtual machines, clustering or scaling, CloudBees officials said.

In a press release on the GA news, CloudBees officials said PAAS is the software infrastructure needed to run applications in the cloud-in simplest terms, it is middleware for the cloud. DEV@cloud provides the fully integrated development infrastructure while RUN@cloud provides the "application server" in the cloud. With the CloudBees Platform, developers have everything they need to quickly and easily develop and deploy applications in the cloud-without having to purchase, configure and maintain hardware, and without having to program applications for a specific underlying IAAS (infrastructure as a service).

In a blog post on the new, Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees, said:

"The last 10 months have been a great and crazy ride and today the CloudBees team is proud to announce the GA (General Availability) of our integrated cloud platform, the only one on the market to provide a complete environment spanning from development to production.

"This release is solid: DEV@cloud has more than 500 accounts with over 300k build minutes logged and RUN@cloud has more than 3,000 apps. RUN@cloud integrates the field-tested Stax platform which was the first PAAS on the market. While this release is based on Tomcat for now (see the Road Ahead below), you can already run quite a few other languages/frameworks: JRuby, Play, Scala, LiftWeb , PHP, etc."

As Labourey said, DEV@cloud, now in beta, has been used by more than 500 customers. The DEV@cloud service features the popular Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson


continuous integration server. More than 300,000 Jenkins/Hudson build minutes have been logged on DEV@cloud.

And RUN@cloud integrates CloudBees' recent acquisition Stax Networks. Customers can deploy their Web applications to RUN@cloud today and run their applications seamlessly in a robust, cloud-native production environment. More than 3,500 developers have run more than 21,000 application deployments on RUN@cloud.

Moreover, while DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud are optimized as an integrated platform, the services can be used independent of each other. DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud are based on open-source software and open standards such as Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), so that developers can use their existing expertise to painlessly move to the cloud.

"With the CloudBees Platform, we're proud to offer the only PAAS in the market today that handles the complete application lifecycle from development to production for Java applications," Labourey said in a statement. "We want developers to only have to think about creating and deploying applications-without needing to worry about operational issues like scaling, clustering and servers."

In addition, CloudBees' development team features a strong Java pedigree from JBoss, Macromedia/Allaire and Sun Microsystems, CloudBees supports all Java applications, including Java EE and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages. The company will be expanding to other programming languages in the future and welcomes input from users, CloudBees officials said.

Other highlights of the CloudBees GA announcement include:

  • Scale DUO - Down, Up and Out. Optimally managing virtual machines.
  • Basic Multi-tenanting. The ability to have multiple customers share a service, securely.
  • Metering & Billing. The CloudBees platform easily handles multi-tenanting and can accurately bill by the minute.
  • Caching. DEV@cloud caches Jenkins/Hudson workspace data to optimize the Scale DUO of agents resulting in faster builds for developers.
  • Management. A robust back-end management system assures maximum uptime and availability.
  • IAAS-agnostic. RUN@cloud is portable and provides support for multiple cloud infrastructure services, giving users choice if they need to change infrastructure services in the future.

Developers can immediately sign up for the CloudBees Platform.