CloudBees PaaS Coming to Verizon Cloud

Verizon and CloudBees announced the CloudBees Platform as a Service will be available on the Verizon Cloud.

CloudBees, provider of a popular Java-based enterprise platform as a service (PaaS), has announced an agreement with Verizon Enterprise Solutions to make the CloudBees PaaS available on the new Verizon Cloud.

This agreement is part of Verizon's strategy to add enterprise-class services to Verizon Cloud, the company's cloud computing and cloud storage platform, now in public beta, creating an ecosystem of enterprise technologies in the cloud.

Andrew Lee, CloudBees' vice president of business development, said CloudBees is covering the entire application delivery lifecycle, "which is a more complete solution for enterprise organizations on Verizon Cloud."

In a blog post on the news, Lee added: "We believe Verizon appreciated our relationship with the enterprise developer and brand, as well as our focus on accelerating the full application delivery lifecycle. Continuous Delivery is a very current topic of discussion and CloudBees helps deliver that on a Verizon Cloud."

Announced in October, Verizon Cloud includes an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform, Verizon Cloud Compute, and an object-based storage service, Verizon Cloud Storage, that are built for the enterprise but nimble enough to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, individual IT departments and software developers, the company said.

"We are working with best-in-class enterprise technology companies to bring additional value to our customers above the core availability, performance and security we've built into Verizon Cloud," said John Considine, chief technology officer at Verizon Terremark, in a statement. "CloudBees is a leading PaaS provider with an experienced team."

Since its inception in 2010, CloudBees has been committed to openness. Applications developed on the CloudBees Platform can be deployed to multiple environments, enabling customers to build, deploy and integrate apps seamlessly with their existing technology infrastructure.

"Mobile, web, social apps, the new applications that an enterprise needs—e.g., sales applications for their field force that depend on existing back-end infrastructure, e-commerce applications that drive revenue, support applications that cut costs and help with customer care—all can get to market more quickly with the help of the CloudBees PaaS on Verizon," Lee said.

Verizon Cloud Compute is built for speed and performance. Virtual machines can be created and deployed in seconds, and users build and pay for what they need. With Verizon Cloud Compute, users can determine and set virtual machine and network performance, providing predictable performance for mission-critical applications, even during peak times. Additionally, users can configure storage performance and attach storage to multiple virtual machines.

Verizon Cloud Storage is an object-addressable, multitenant storage platform providing safe, durable, reliable and cost-effective storage accessible from anywhere on the Web, Verizon said.

"Verizon created the enterprise cloud, now we're recreating it," said John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, in a statement at the launch of Verizon Cloud last October. "This is the revolution in cloud services that enterprises have been calling for. We took feedback from our enterprise clients across the globe and built a new cloud platform from the bottom up to deliver the attributes they require."