Coradiant TrueSight Virtual Appliance Tracks Web App Performance

Instead of focusing on the Website's performance from the back end, Coradiant's TrueSight Enterprise Edition appliance gives IT managers a real-time view of what visitors are seeing on the front end.

Coradiant announced a virtual appliance that lets IT managers monitor Web application performance in real time.

The TrueSight Enterprise Edition, released on Jan. 25, allows companies to track what users are experiencing on the Website, the company said. Based on the original TrueSight hardware appliance, the virtual Enterprise Edition has been reworked to handle increased traffic volume and to scale as more Web applications and servers are added internally, according to Ali Hedayati, Coradiant's chief operating officer.

The company is "moving from self-contained appliances to virtual software solutions," Hedayati told eWEEK.

With the Enterprise Edition, companies can become more nimble because they can scale without buying new hardware or adding more data centers when deploying multiple Web applications in a short period of time, Hedayati said.

Just as customers will not return or will leave before making a purchase if a real store is too crowded of if it takes too long to get service and check out, customers will leave Websites for the same reasons, Hedayati said. With TrueSight Enterprise Edition, IT teams can monitor the Website for these kinds of negative experiences in order to fix the problems immediately, he said.

Consumers "could care less" how complex the company's infrastructure or application is, said Milind Govekar, a research vice president at Gartner. They just want to quickly and easily navigate a site to find and purchase products and services. "We've all experienced it; any performance issue can lead to a frustrated end-user and a simple click to another competitor," he said.

TrueSight works with a combination of collection points and watchpoints, Hedayati said. The virtual appliance sits on the server and uses sniffers to collect data about what is happening on the application. As more applications are added, more collectors and watch points are deployed to gather and analyze the information, he said.

TureSight can also be used to monitor mobile end-user interactions, especially as more users do online transactions directly from their smartphones and tablets, Hedayati said. The Enterprise Edition gives IT managers a more granular insight to site visitors, such as tracking by IP address and differentiating between new and returning visitors, Hedayati said. The companies also have a choice of deploying the collectors on certain Web applications, not all of the applications currently running on the server, he said. They can expand the number of applications being monitored by increasing the number of watchpoints and collectors being deployed, he said.

Customers interested in Enterprise Edition can first see a demonstration of the product and discuss with Coradiant their existing applications and business goals, said Hedayati. Coradiant then builds and deploys a proof-of-concept performance monitoring system into the customer environment so that customers can evaluate TrueSight, he said. Customers get to use "real data and real applications" before buying, Hedayati said. Smaller enterprises "can actually afford" the product, priced around $20,000 to $25,000, he said. The virtual appliance is also compatible with previous versions of the hardware appliance, Coradiant said.

Coradiant tested Enterprise Edition with six large enterprises in August to test a mix of applications, and had a controlled introduction in December to select customers, Hedayati said. The company closed 11 deals within three weeks, and half of the customers didn't even wait for the proof-of-concept, he said.