CSC to Resell Microsoft Cloud Services

CSC announces an agreement with Microsoft where the systems integrator will resell the software giant's cloud-based online services.

CSC has announced an agreement with Microsoft where the systems integrator will resell cloud-based Microsoft online services.

Under the agreement, CSC will resell the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite, part of Microsoft Online Services. The move is an expansion of a cloud services announcement CSC made in early June. This agreement is designed to help businesses easily and securely adopt cloud computing solutions across public, private and hybrid cloud networks. It also is aimed at helping customers reduce the costs of managing and maintaining business systems and give them access to Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Communications Online and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Essentially, by providing enterprise clients with the Business Productivity Online Suite and CSC Trusted Cloud Services, CSC will offer a compelling choice of private cloud customer-managed and public cloud services combined with Microsoft Online Services. CSC officials said they expect to migrate millions of users to the Business Productivity Online Suite.

"This agreement is the first of several strategic initiatives that CSC will bring to market with Microsoft," said David Booth, president of CSC's global sales and marketing. "The agility and collaboration demonstrated by both companies to reach this agreement highlights the speed at which we can execute our go-to-market strategy and meet client demand."

"Customers will benefit from this agreement by receiving cloud services that will simplify IT management and lower operational costs," said Ron Markezich, corporate vice president of Microsoft Online, in a statement. "CSC has been in the business of managed services for 50 years and brings its global expertise in security and regulatory compliance knowledge, while Microsoft brings its software-plus-services innovation, engineering capabilities and the most widely used productivity solutions in world."

CSC will integrate Microsoft Online Services into its Trusted Cloud Services portfolio, which includes enterprise-class Cloud Orchestration Services, Trusted Cloud Services and World Class Consulting Capabilities.

On June 1, drawing from its experience in enterprise systems integration, mission-critical security capabilities and global presence, CSC announced its family of cloud services that leverage the company's strengths with private clouds and combines them with new public cloud models.

CSC offers a multitiered approach to cloud services, offering Cloud Orchestration Services, Trusted Cloud Services and consulting capabilities.

CSC's Cloud Orchestration Services is a best-of-breed approach for cloud services integration that provides clients with service-level management, remote monitoring, reporting, auditing and data transparency, the company said. CSC's Cloud Orchestration Services provide automated arrangement, coordination, federation, management, security and operation of private, public and hybrid cloud computing environments, supporting industry-specific compliance and auditing services.

The company's Trusted Cloud Services is a portfolio of industry-compliant desktop, computing, storage and network infrastructure services available on a just-in-time, on-demand basis with full security features and stringent service-level criteria.

In addition, the company will build a cloud computing delivery capacity through its Global Business Consulting and Solutions Practice.

"CSC has decades of experience managing -private cloud' enterprise computing environments on a global scale," said Brian Boruff, vice president of CSC's Cloud Computing. "Extending these skills to integrate and manage public and private clouds is a natural step in the evolution of our business. Enterprises that need secure cloud operations will find that CSC offers -the right mix' of private and public cloud experience and will effectively orchestrate risk."