Customer Focus

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Customer Focus

AWS customers will play a significant role in the conference whether they are running their own sessions or participating in AWS sessions.

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Engaging With Amazon

re: Invent will be an opportunity for attendees to engage directly with AWS solution architects, support teams, service leads, etc. Attendees can bring their architecture diagram and sit down with solution architects to learn what new tools and features can improve their applications.

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Best Practices for Security and Architecting for High Availability

AWS will provide deep technical sessions for businesses to understand what is appropriate for their organization or applications in terms of both security and high availability.

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Big Data and High-Performance Computing

AWS will have several sessions focusing on big data, analytics and learning how to crunch big data and build super computers.

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Scaling Quickly, Easily

Attendees will be able to learn from customers and solutions architects about how to spin up and run massive events like the Super Bowl or Cricket World Cup.

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Hands-On Developer Sessions, Boot Camps

Attendees will take home code samples when they complete the hands-on sessions to use for their applications.

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Cost Savings

AWS will sponsor sessions on understanding total cost of ownership and where customers can increase their cost savings in moving to the cloud.

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Enterprise IT

AWS will hold several sessions dealing with bringing the cloud to current IT environments.

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AWS will demonstrate how new businesses are cropping up on the platform that support using services and tools for game development and what to do when the game takes off quickly.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

In light of the possibility and, as recent results convey, the probability of outages, both AWS and AWS partners will discuss what to do in case of service disruptions.

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