Customized Deals and Promotions

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Customized Deals and Promotions

The simple buyer/seller model does not exist in today's economy. ABB allows businesses to adjust rates, promotions, discounts, accelerators, multi-axis pricing and more. These modifications are easy to incorporate into existing processes and increase opportunities to grow the business.

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Flexible Business Models

ABB can automate business processes and business models to address rapidly changing or complex business strategies. Companies can quickly model any new business requirement, thereby reducing the time and cost required to go to market.

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Low-Cost Billing

The traditional model of providing software and services to customers through locally managed billing systems and storage is expensive. ABB systems support any business model, whether or not it is a subscription or consumption service, and allow businesses to deliver software to their customers quickly and at lower costs.

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Payment Accuracy

Monetization options support the internal management needs of enterprises with rapid modeling allocation of fees, modification of account hierarchies and automation of repetitive processes. ABB, therefore, reduces the chances for error, which increases customer satisfaction.

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Business Transparency

Transparency is an unavoidable trend across industries. An ABB system simplifies the calculation, auditing and understanding of the state of agreements across many interrelated relationship models.

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Commerce today is driven by agreements across customers, partners and suppliers; this ultimately means that billing processes must also support this. Billing systems based on ABB will be required. Businesses that realize this now will increase their market share and better serve their customers.

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Predictive Revenue Analytics

ABB can analyze the information between each transaction and offer intuitive reporting. Companies can build upon those metrics to understand which products are most profitable, while offering predictive analytics that estimate future revenue based on real-time trends.

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As virtual commerce and mobile payments continue to move into the commercial sector, these markets need a monetization system that can support profitability analysis, dynamic pricing and large volumes of transactions. ABB can easily adapt to meet those needs.

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Supports High-Volume Transactions

Traditional billing methods are not designed to handle the rapid growth of online micro transactions that necessitate large volumes of data. ABB can effectively support these high volumes of big data.

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Easily Integrated

ABB is an agile solution designed for rapid implementation. Once agreements-based billing is in place, it can easily integrate with a company's existing business applications, streamline the end-to-end order-to-cash process and adapt to changes in a company's business model.

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