Daily Tech Briefing: Sept. 3, 2014

This past weekend, attackers posted explicit pictures of Hollywood celebrities online including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, which were allegedly obtained via a vulnerability in Apple's iCloud data storage service.

The pictures were posted to the 4chan website, where the original poster claimed to have additional photos for which payment was being sought. Some of the celebrities confirmed the pictures were real, while others claimed that they were fake.

While the actual cause of the leak has not been confirmed, there is widespread speculation that the pictures were stolen from Apple's iCloud service, causing concerns over the security of cloud storage.

T-Mobile executives are continuing to seek support for their efforts to convince federal regulators to combat what they say are unreasonable data roaming terms from AT&T and Verizon.

In a blog post Kathleen Ham, vice president of federal regulatory affairs for T-Mobile US, reiterated the company's argument that AT&T and Verizon are unfairly gouging smaller carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint in the roaming rates they charge and that because of this T-Mobile is forced to restrict their users' data use while roaming.

Google has launched the iOS version of its Slides app, which will allow iOS users to do work on Slides files on mobile devices. It also released updates to the Google Docs and Sheets apps for mobile users.

Li-Wei Lee, a Google software engineer, explained that the new iOS app and the changes for the related apps for iOS and Android help extend the office suite editing services for users on-the-go.

ARM officials announced they are seeing growing industry support for the company's 64-bit chip design, noting the signing of the 50th license agreement for the ARMv8-A architecture. In total, 27 companies have signed agreements for the system-on-a-chip design and the Cortex-A50 family of 64-bit chips.

These companies represent a broad range of chip makers in markets such as smartphones and tablets, servers, networking gear and consumer electronics.

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